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Clean Current tidal turbine through Alston

Clean Current tidal turbine through Alstom

Alstom signed an agreement with the Canadian based company Clean Current. They plan on being market ready before 2012.

Alstom is a major global player and has been involved so far in hydroelectric projects totaling more than 400GW, roughly 25% of the current hydroelectric installed base.


Isn’t Internet great? It allows us to visit these beautiful places and, in a sense, be there a little bit, if only by having easy access to information and being able see what it’s all about. Being able to travel like this—by mind probes—we are sometimes faced with troubling facts.

This is the case with the following map depicting the proposed location of four 50MW nuclear reactors.

Proposed location of nuclear reactors in the Arctic

Location for future nuclear reactors north of 60

Please note that this post is not yet complete and will be reworked in the near future. Still, we couldn’t launch the Seanergy Project Foundation blog without exposing this important matter to the public.

Don’t hesitate to share with us any information you might have on nuclear power in countries of the Arctic circle, including Canada and Russia.

Yes, according to The Guardian, in an article titled “Russia to build floating Arctic nuclear stations”:

“Russia is planning a fleet of floating and submersible nuclear power stations to exploit Arctic oil and gas reserves, causing widespread alarm among environmentalists.”

“The 70-megawatt plants, each of which would consist of two reactors on board giant steel platforms, would provide power (…) to allow Gazprom, to power drills needed to exploit some of the remotest oil and gas fields in the world in the Barents and Kara seas”

Whether it is to keep us better informed or to provide us with a different facts, your comments are welcomed. Note that at the present, and based on macro economics and sustained development fundamentals, we do not feel that the conclusions could change, considering the following questions.

Now why should we invest first in more resources to perfect and deploy these technologies than it would cost to develop a proper renewable energy network?

How is this proposal the better decision for future generations, the one creating the highest number of recurrent jobs and the least amount of undesirable residues and side effects (effective or potential)?

Thank you for reading this, and please share with us your reactions or more information on this or other topics.

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