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About the Project

Officially created after two years of relentless efforts, planning, research and formal discussions, the Project SEANERGY Foundation aims to facilitate the deployment of a renewable energy-based procurement system for the Arctic.

To accomplish this, we start right here by communicating that —for once— we have a very real opportunity to plan ahead and do things right, right from the start, to protect the Arctic’s environmental heritage from the consequences of a foreseeable dramatic increase in economic activities.

SEANERGY’s presence on the WordPress platform is part of our proposal to the online community to contribute by sharing knowledge, and supporting a team with a transparent and open source approach.

For more info on the project, please take a look at the Project SEANERGY Foundation Brief on Slideshare.

Thank you all for your attention and support.

The ever-growing Project SEANERGY team


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About this blog

Project SEANERGY Foundation’s vision is the development of the Arctic Passage by full-spectrum implementation and use of green energies — mainly hydrogen — to create the modern worlds First Green Industrial Zone.

How we accomplish this begins right here by communicating.

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February 2023

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