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Sharing knowledge about environment and technologies

Posted on: July 1, 2009

By sharing knowledge, we strengthen our voice and message.

By forwarding information on available solutions, their benefits and advantages, YOU end up speeding up their deployment. Thank you very much.

There are many ways you can help us share knowledge about environment and technologies, e.g. flagging new lines of trade and job creation, and showing how sustainability is not only affordable, but profitable.

If you can spread your knowledge and educate others, join the Project SEANERGY Foundation’s team and:


  • Become a subject matter expert: contribute to the transmission and maintenance of proper, accurate, complete, and relevant information. Whether you have a deep understanding of a specific topic, or have in your hands relevant analysis material, you can share it while you steer a subject matter expert group.
  • Bring innovative expertise or creative thinking, and help reveal new values, stimulate new trades and solve issues.
  • Become a content provider and feed the Project SEANERGY Foundation’s community of interest, provide our members access to studies or authorize access to knowledge databases and documentaries (i.e. archives footage, movies, etc.).

You get what Project SEANERGY Foundation is all about, and have the creative talent and skills to help make easy-to-understand and fun to share creative elements? Well, don’t hesitate, give us a shout.

We have identified some subjects on our own and can even share briefings and resources if you ever need inspiration. Take a look at our Bad liners Gallery.

Any learning initiative that values teaching the future Project SEANERGY Foundation promotes will get our attention. Let us know what you need. Together, we will co-develop tailored and fun edu-kits and learning activities.

Please let us know about your interests and the extent of your participation. You may contact Stefan via email [info @ seanergy dot ca] or phone [514.884.6086, we’re in Canada].

The Project SEANERGY Foundation will support your efforts in building and deploying this community of interest, all the way to the creation of the First Industrial Green Zone on Earth.


2 Responses to "Sharing knowledge about environment and technologies"

Dear Project Paricipants,

as you were calling for expertise/knowledge upon certain topic regarding the Northern Sea Route/Arctic Shipping, I would like to inform you, that I have worked on project for a innovative big shipping company which is actually sending 3 ships through the NSR. I was mainly engaged in the legal requirements from the Russian side as well as the planning of this marine non-standard operation, as my academic education is not restricted to a Masters license/Ice Navigator.
Do you already have financiees for this project? How is this project financed so far? Are there already beeing steps taken towards a realisation of this interinsting project?



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Project SEANERGY Foundation’s vision is the development of the Arctic Passage by full-spectrum implementation and use of green energies — mainly hydrogen — to create the modern worlds First Green Industrial Zone.

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