Project Seanergy Foundation

Seanergy Revenue Sharing Program

Posted on: July 1, 2009

In order to strengthen our group and voice our message, we, at the Project SEANERGY Foundation, are seeking help and support.

For example, you can develop fundraising programs for the Foundation and share the rewards you help reap. There are other ways as well.

You can develop or manage an online campaign? You can gather support for Project SEANERGY? If so, our Revenue Sharing Program is for you. And it would greatly help. Please contact Stefan via email [info @ seanergy dot ca] or phone [514.884.6086, we’re in Canada].

Typically, in these types of projects and joint ventures, we will work alongside, and co-manage any necessary resources you may mobilize for a specific project that serves Project SEANERGY Foundation’s mission. In doing so, you also share the success of each initiative with other respective partners.

Revenue sharing is, in this regard, the gift that keeps on giving back. To everybody.


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Project SEANERGY Foundation’s vision is the development of the Arctic Passage by full-spectrum implementation and use of green energies — mainly hydrogen — to create the modern worlds First Green Industrial Zone.

How we accomplish this begins right here by communicating.

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