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“[Recent data on the ice cover] appear to be tracking the most pessimistic of the models,” which call for an ice-free summer in 2013 […] 2013 is starting to look as though it is a lot more reasonable prediction.”

Warwick Vincent, director, Centre for Northern Studies, Laval University, Quebec (source : Reuters)

Arctic Sea ice loss: projections vs reality

Bad liners

Posted on: July 4, 2009

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From the desktop of Stefan Bumbaru

Mr. Al Gore and Mr. Rajendra Pachauri receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Sweden. (Source:

In early 2008, I sent Mr. Rajendra Pachauri a long email presenting the Project Seanergy.

Mr. Pachauri is head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, together with Mr. Al Gore.

Pachauri is also Director-General for The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

Below is the said email, followed by his reply.

Initial email by Stefan BUMBARU

Montreal, February 15, 2008

Mr. Rajendra Pachauri
Chairman of IPCC

Mr. Pachauri,

GCast is an independent think-tank, which I founded in 2007, specialized in planning the implementation of new technologies within the market, focusing on green and renewable energies.

I am pleased to present to you one of our latest concepts: Seanergy.

Seanergy’s vision is the development of the Northwest Passage by full-spectrum implementation and use of green energies —mainly hydrogen— to create the modern worlds first green industrial zone.

Receding Polar icecaps represent a major concern among scientific and public authorities, and a challenge of unprecedented scale for many countries. It implies the gradual opening of maritime routes and a year round access to tidal energy resources in the Arctic. Therefore, the means and needs to develop innovative energy procurement chains in replacement of fossil fuels must be targeted and developed.

The Seanergy Project is an action plan specifically designed to define economically beneficial and environmentally sound approaches and means to achieve a sustainable development of the lower Arctic Circle.

The forthcoming prospect of developing the Arctic Passage using earth-friendly resources will help preserve the pristine cultural and natural qualities of one of the Earth’s last frontiers and will generate a large amount of economic opportunities. It also has the potential to become a viable alternative model of practice to compete against current practices, now proven to be unsustainable and damaging to the Earth.

Economic opportunities seldom come without environmental challenges. On the other hand, we believe, as you surely do, that environmental challenges always bring along economic opportunities. As we look forward to moving the Seanergy Project in its first phase of implementation, we realize the size of the challenge of bringing such a proposal on a broader agenda within a dedicated organizational structure.

Success in this ambitious endeavour could herald new standards of energy use. The efficiency of our model would ensure its replication on a worldwide scale, for the shared benefit of people, industries, our planet and its ecosystems. Change is both possible and urgently needed.

Seanergy will benefit to the decision-makers who will promote it and help it attain its stated goals.

It is obvious that the territorial issues concerning the Arctic regions and its future development are beyond any government’s jurisdiction. We are convinced that the IPCC can help us act on the elements of solutions you mentioned in your presentation from Valencia (page 9).

By providing much needed resources to launch the Seanergy Foundation and support Phase One activities, the IPCC will:

  • benefit from further integration of international networks of organizations, research centers and industries around Seanergy.
  • further promote the role of IPCC as a key player, an element of change and a leader in green energies and environmental issues.
  • ensure that companies worldwide will be able to provide support and resources required to answer the needs of the corporations that will adopt our concept.

We therefore request your help and support and ask you to introduce our initiative to any delegates or organization it may concern and that could either provide appropriate information or logistical support to the Seanergy Foundation.

Please refer to the attached document or our online presence for further details and information.

Respectfully yours,

Stefan Bumbaru
President, Gcast

Mr. Rajendra PACHAURI’s reply

Dear Mr. Bumbaru,

Thank you for your email of 15 February 2008 and for sharing information on Seanergy. I shall try my best to bring this concept to the attention of those in authority and to those who would be willing to provide you with the necessary support and direction. Meanwhile, may I wish you the very best in all your activities.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,
R. K. Pachauri

There are three ways to make a donation to the Project SEANERGY Foundation:

  1. Payment via PayPal: Donate the amount of your choice using PayPal via our site
  2. Credit card payment via PayPal: Donate the amount of your choice using your credit card via our site
  3. Cheque or money order: Send your donation to the amount of your choice to: Project SEANERGY Foundation inc. 10635 Vianney, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2B 2Y1.

Please drop us a note to discuss your support. If you have any question about donations, please contact Stefan via email [info @ seanergy dot ca] or phone [514.884.6086, we’re in Canada].

In order to strengthen our group and voice our message, we, at the Project SEANERGY Foundation, are seeking help and support.

For example, you can develop fundraising programs for the Foundation and share the rewards you help reap. There are other ways as well.

You can develop or manage an online campaign? You can gather support for Project SEANERGY? If so, our Revenue Sharing Program is for you. And it would greatly help. Please contact Stefan via email [info @ seanergy dot ca] or phone [514.884.6086, we’re in Canada].

Typically, in these types of projects and joint ventures, we will work alongside, and co-manage any necessary resources you may mobilize for a specific project that serves Project SEANERGY Foundation’s mission. In doing so, you also share the success of each initiative with other respective partners.

Revenue sharing is, in this regard, the gift that keeps on giving back. To everybody.

By sharing knowledge, we strengthen our voice and message.

By forwarding information on available solutions, their benefits and advantages, YOU end up speeding up their deployment. Thank you very much.

There are many ways you can help us share knowledge about environment and technologies, e.g. flagging new lines of trade and job creation, and showing how sustainability is not only affordable, but profitable.

If you can spread your knowledge and educate others, join the Project SEANERGY Foundation’s team and:


  • Become a subject matter expert: contribute to the transmission and maintenance of proper, accurate, complete, and relevant information. Whether you have a deep understanding of a specific topic, or have in your hands relevant analysis material, you can share it while you steer a subject matter expert group.
  • Bring innovative expertise or creative thinking, and help reveal new values, stimulate new trades and solve issues.
  • Become a content provider and feed the Project SEANERGY Foundation’s community of interest, provide our members access to studies or authorize access to knowledge databases and documentaries (i.e. archives footage, movies, etc.).

You get what Project SEANERGY Foundation is all about, and have the creative talent and skills to help make easy-to-understand and fun to share creative elements? Well, don’t hesitate, give us a shout.

We have identified some subjects on our own and can even share briefings and resources if you ever need inspiration. Take a look at our Bad liners Gallery.

Any learning initiative that values teaching the future Project SEANERGY Foundation promotes will get our attention. Let us know what you need. Together, we will co-develop tailored and fun edu-kits and learning activities.

Please let us know about your interests and the extent of your participation. You may contact Stefan via email [info @ seanergy dot ca] or phone [514.884.6086, we’re in Canada].

The Project SEANERGY Foundation will support your efforts in building and deploying this community of interest, all the way to the creation of the First Industrial Green Zone on Earth.

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